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SPORTS DAY 2019-20

26 Jan,2019

SAMKIDS International Pre-School Sports day 2018-19, was an Immaculate, Spectacular and an Exquisite Day for SAMITES, with the added flavour of splendid performance of our cutie pies capturing the eyes and tickling the hearts of all the folks gathered together to watch the pulsating occasion. The event was held at DD RETREAT on 26th January 2019. The gentle inaugural words of the bigwig Mr.Tinu Yohannan being a personality from the cricketing arena added an A+ charm to the event. Rolling out the eventful day with the March Past and concluding it with the Baton race was a lighting up experience like the firefly whizzing in the air. The dazzling Picker Upper dance uniting the 6 SKIPS Centres, the Tricolour prop drill- a tribute to the Republic day by MARAD Centre, the aerobics from KADAVANTHRA Centre ,the ribbon drill from ALUVA Centre and the warm up exercise from our new Centre PERUMBAVOOR melted the moods of the lovely parents and the tutors equally. Lastly the liveliness displayed in the races by the cutie pies etched out an aerated experience for all present on the occasion. The spirit of friendly competition came alive on the Sports Day. All Samites participated in a wide range of sports events which helped them gain valuable lessons in sportsmanship. Everyone is a winner at Sam kids. All the children wore coded sportswear with chest numbers for the day and it was a proud moment for all parents to watch the zealous participation of their little ones in the racing events. Samites experienced the joy of team spirit and the value of supporting and appreciating the skills of all competitors.

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Parents Speak


At SAM Kids every child is a little scientist actively trying to make sense of the world around. As a Doctor by profession I have seen the physical, emotional and cognitive develop meant in her on a daily basis.

Dr. Mohammed Faisal & Dr. Sheena T.A
Parent of Fiza Faisal,Nursery,Aluva

“Each child is different, each child is special and each child is beautiful”.At SKIPS, Children develop self help qualities, cleanliness, good manners, etiquettes in Preschools. Basic lessons in eternal values are also learnt in Preschools.

Dr. Celia Mathew
Parent of Nigel Joy Eralil,Play Group

SAM Kids being one of the best preschools, taking utmost care of their children, we are confident that her foundation will be very strong and she will enjoy and cherish each and every moment she spends with SAM Kids. Samkids is really a Home away from home for her.

Vivin.K.V & Sangeetha
Parent of Shradha Vivin Nair, SAM Kids,Kakkanad

At SKIPS, our child is taught to live in a society where she needs to ‘adjust, respect, care and share’ which is a part of our Indian culture. I am happy that I have chosen the best for my child.

Manoj & Tripti
Parents of Tejaswini Manoj,Play Group,Kakkanad

We appreciate the syllabus followed by the SAM Kids team, which teaches the kids not only the academics but also to know& understand and the nature and scope of self adjusting with their friends and the good principle of sharing.

Adv.Anoop KDV
Parent of Aparna,SAM Kids,Kadavanthara

As parents our top priority is our child's Health, Safety, Happiness & Education. We visited many local preschools, obviously our choice was SAM kids and we have been very pleased with our decision. It has been a great experience for us with SAMKIDS for the past three years.

Mr Jayaram Sahoo
Parent of Ipsha Priyadarsini Sahoo,LKG,Kadavanthara

Our priority - to make the school experience a joyful one for our kid so was the basis of our search for a good school. Our search landed us in SAM Kids, Maradu which was a different experience where the children were beaming with joy and energy even when they were in the class..

Dr. Divakar S.Jain
Parent of Adithya D Jain,SAM Kids,Maradu

A big “Thank you” from the bottom of our hearts Yes, as parents, today with high confidence we recommend every prince and princess to SAM KIDS. We with all our might would not have been able to give him such a vast exposure, treasure of knowledge, fun and love.

Kala G Nath
Parent of Amith Madhav Rajesh,UKG,Maradu

“Fantastic School with Fantastic Management and Teachers”.SAM Kids School is a great school, giving every child such a good start in their education. This pre-school is the perfect blend of academics, cultural opportunities and socialization.

Mohammed Imtyaz & Shahana Imtyaz
Parents of Ayra Imtyaz,UKG,Mamangalam

A good education is one of the most precious gifts to give a child. As parents, we want the best for our children and providing them with an excellent education is a priority. We are delighted that SAM Kids, chosen as Sithara’s preschool, has exceeded our expectations. May the school grow even stronger.

Dr Pradeep Pillai and Dr Kaveri Nalianda
Parents of Sithara,Nursery A,Mamangalam